Next-Wave Gymnastics Through Trampolining

Most people still think jumping around on a trampoline is a purely leisurely activity. I mean, really? Ok, that last part was just for an overextended rhyme. But in all seriousness, as fun as it is to spend hours hopping along a trampoline for exercise or for pure levity, there are people out there taking the activity to new heights, pardon the puns.

So for you that didn’t know, some people that jump on trampolines actually do it for a living as athletes. Yes, trampolining is a sport. And a little more than a decade ago, it was included as one of the gymnastics categories in the Olympics. Check out what’s going on to prepare for Olympic trampolining events. If you thought during a mere flip, front or back, on a trampoline was impressive, you really have to check out what these athletes can do. Seeing several combinations that involve tucks, straddles, twists and flips will really change your view on what can be done on a trampoline. And not just in the air either – if you’ve been on a trampoline before, you’d know how difficult it is to stop bouncing. But a perfect landing in an event requires landing on your feet, stopping completely without motion for a whole three seconds! Even the athletes have trouble with this, as evidenced by several of them sticking a leg out too soon. This is why an impeccable routine is quite the awesome sight, and makes for great entertainment…

That’s how the sport started too, as another way to entertain the people back in the 30’s.

Trampolining has come a long way since then, having been introduced to schools and fitness centres around the world. The sport is also a lot more supervised, so you can be sure your kids will be safe if they do decide to bounce their way to Olympic glory. Children as young as 5 years of age can avail of trampolining lessons. But if you really want to go the extra mile for your budding bouncing gymnast, you can always get the right sized trampoline for your own home.

Practice makes perfect, so taking those lessons and performing them at home in a secure trampoline is a good way to stay in good form, whilst mastering new moves at the training centre. Of course, this must all be performed with constant adult supervision. Check out other interesting and informative stuff about trampolines at this site and start your child early towards a possible Olympic career.