How To Choose The Right Trampoline For You

trampoline bounce
trampoline bounce

Choosing The Right Trampoline

At first glance, choosing a trampoline sounds easy. But there are different things to consider before taking the plunge and spending your hard earned cash. First of all, it’s important to think of why you want to buy a trampoline. Who is it for? If it’s for getting fit you may want to think of investing in a professional and compact piece of sports equipment. Then of course there is your budget to take into account. What is in your price range?  If you have a big budget, you may wish to spend more to get a trampoline with the latest technology which may have more bounce and help you to possibly lose calories quicker. On the lower end of the price scale, you may just want a trampoline which allows you to jump around as much as you want and will hold all of your weight without breaking! The decision is down to you, but it’s important to bear these factors in mind.

If you have kids, they may be after a huge trampoline so they have lots of space to play around in and an 10ft trampoline should be enough. There are various sizes to choose from up to 12ft and 14ft respectively, with some frames which support up to 19 to 24 stone in weight. The larger sized frames are more suitable to acrobats and are for regular or prolonged use. So research the options in sizes and weights when buying with a purpose in mind, whether that be online or in store.

kanga 8ft trampoline

You may want a mid range trampoline which has some of the benefits of new technology but half the expense. There are now a good variety of mid-range trampolines which offer different support and sustainability features with more focus on the differences between strings which can allow for more bounce, or enhanced safety features. Some are also enabled to be compact to fit as neatly into your back garden without taking up too much space.

Getting A Safe Trampoline

Safety features can include mesh netting to prevent injuries from falling out of the trampoline and safety padding around jumping areas to stop people from hurting themselves. Other features to watch for are waterproof covers to ensure that your trampoline remains in good condition regardless of the weather. Waterproof mats and UV protectors are also part of the latest technology to ensure that trampolines remain strong and in good condition. Most good brands of trampoline come with these enhanced features, though you will most likely pay extra for certain features.

These are just some of the factors to think of when choosing a trampoline. There may be many more. The best way to come to a decision is to write down your requirements. Then comparing any trampolines against these will make choosing your very own trampoline an easier process, as you can weigh up the pros and cons of each item.  There are a great number of recognised and trusted brands in the trampoline industry and this website is a great  starting tool in the selection process to help find the right one for you from the likes of KangaAcrobat and Airtech.