How Good Are Mini Trampolines For Exercise?

trampoline bounce
trampoline bounce

Much has been made of the new social wave of dieting and exercise in order for us all to have healthy bodies and healthy minds. Some items, such as trampolines, have generally been seen as fun items with no major social benefit other than bringing a lot of enjoyment to many people. So, can trampolines be a force for good and help with your exercise regime?

Using a trampoline is very different from any other kind of exercise. Trampoline exercises are, by their very nature, not as structured as using a traditional exercise regime in a gym. The trampoline will exercise your heart in the same way that running and using a skipping rope will as it is a cardiovascular exercise routine. As a result, your energy consumption increases, as does your rate of fat burn and weight loss. Scientists say that trampolining is better exercise than running! Which would you rather do?

“In the present study, the values of heart rate and oxygen uptake ranged from resting to nearly maximal levels, regardless of the type of exercise.” (running vs trampolining)

Not only does the trampoline give the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, but it also helps strengthen the muscles in the lower half of your body, such as your legs, hips, thights, stomach and abdomen. Can you think of many other exercises which do all this and provide as much fun and enjoyment as half an hour on a trampoline?

airtech 8ft platinum trampoline

It’s not only physical exercise benefits that you get from trampolining, either. Trampoline jumping will help to improve your coordination and general spatial awareness. Being able to perform a jump and land properly whilst on a bouncing, moving object takes a lot of skill and practice and trampolining is perfect for building up these skills. For people with joint problems or knee injuries, you may wish to use a small, rebound trampoline. These aren’t designed for high jumping and provide greater support for the joints.

A good exercise routine for trying on your trampoline is to start off with a short warm-up consisting of allowing the natural spring of the trampoline to bounce you up and down. As you continue with this, lift your feet up as you jump, bring them towards your chest and back down when you land. Build up some height and rhythm before moving on to a ‘vertical spring disco’ – introducing some funky moves at that half-second you remain at the top of your jump, floating in the air before gravity takes over from momentum. Introduce a new move each time to keep your brain active, too. Once you’ve done this, try jogging on the spot whilst jumping for an excellent cardiovascular workout.

So, not only is trampolining an awful lot of fun, but you can also reap the benefits through exercise by using a trampoline. Follow our work-out plan as mentioned above and try some of your own routines to see how your trampoline could help you keep fit and lose weight all whilst having fun. Why not let us know which exercises you carry out on your trampoline? We’ll put all the best ones on the blog.