Extreme Sports Trampoline Training

Trampolines are like a good cross-trainer, but whereas cross-trainers allow you to work out in different ways such as running, walking or stair climbing, a trampoline allows you to practise different sporting moves and tricks.  Gymnasts aren’t the only people that make use of the trampoline as a training tool.  It’s already been discussed here how the trampoline can be incorporated into your work outs.  Simply the act of jumping on one, minus the fancy moves, for several minutes is a great exercise in itself.  For athletes however, the regime is just a bit more complicated. Just a bit.

Kidding aside, there’s a reason why top athletes make use of the trampoline to improve their abilities.  For one, trampoline workout routines affect the body’s sensory receptors.  These proprioceptors as they are called are located all over the body, from muscles to the inner ear, and they make the body aware of its position and movements in response to outside stimuli.  Through trampolines, these receptors are constantly stimulated, improving an athlete’s ability to react quickly and correctly, no matter the situation.  Muscle coordination, balance and spatial awareness, all are improved through trampoline training.

For extreme sports athletes, the cross training not only enhances their latent abilities, but it also provides them with an alternative venue to practice their moves.  We’re not saying Travis Pastrana takes his jump bike and hops it on to a trampoline, but there are alternative trampoline accessories that allow snowboarders, skateboarders and the like to practice their flips safely on the mat.

That’s another great aspect of trampoline cross training by the way – safety.  Extreme athletes used to prop up several boxes to break their fall.  Some practice on the field, landing hard on dirt, snow, and even worse, concrete.  Minus the fear of broken bones, the safety trampolines provide allow the extreme athlete the courage to try out new things, pushing the envelope in their respective sports.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at what wakeboarders are doing to be able to master their incredible tricks or this video…

Due to the versatility, efficiency, and effectiveness of trampoline training, even NASA astronauts are impressed.  This type of training helps them when it comes to the loss of gravity in space.  We regular Joes shouldn’t be daunted by all this athletic use though, because the best thing about all this is, we can all experience the awesome effects of a trampoline work out right in our backyards.  Now all you need is a trampoline, and what do you know, we got a few of them right here.

For fitness, fun and practising extreme sport moves, why not buy a trampoline online today?