Leapfrog Trampoline Review: Quality All Round

leapfrog trampoline
leapfrog trampoline

The premium range of Leapfrog trampolines come in the various sizes from 8 feet to 16 feet.  Although all trampolines are suitable for all jumpers, the smaller trampolines are better suited to lighter jumpers especially children and the larger trampolines are more suited to adults.

If you imagine a child bouncing on a trampoline, they’d find it harder to bounce if the mattress was more taut, i.e.  has more springs whereas a heavier jumper would prefer more springs because they’d get a better bounce. For the best bouncing, the smaller Leapfrog trampolines are more suited to lighter jumpers and the larger trampolines to heavier ones.

All of the premium trampolines from Leapfrog have 1.6mm steel frame construction.  The steel is galvanised inside and out which gives protection against the weather and prevents the frame from rusting. The trampoline springs are made of 3.2mm steel and are highly responsive giving an excellent bounce. The jump mat is polypropylene and comfortable to bounce on yet durable.  It is also permeable which allows water through and stops it pooling on the surface.

Other features of Leapfrog trampolines are tough stitching, safety padding and a safety enclosure.  If you buy this trampoline from Trampoline Warehouse you also get a free ladder and spring tensioning tool.