Boing Trampolines Review: Strength And Durability

Update 2018: Boing Trampolines are no longer available, sorry. We suggest checking out the Kanga, Acrobat and Leapfrog trampoline ranges.

boing trampoline
boing trampoline

Boing! is a manufacturer of heavy duty trampolines which, thanks to their toughened 2mm steel frames, are all capable of handling weights up to 24 stone. This makes them suitable for heavy duty or longer term use by groups, older children and even adults. The different sizes and characteristics available within the Boing! range make it easy to find the right product.

There are four basic sizes of Boing! trampoline; the range includes trampolines measuring 8ft, 10ft, 12 ft and 14ft in diameter. This size range makes it easy to pick the Boing! trampoline size best suited to the space you have available. Every Boing! trampoline, whatever the size, boasts a number of extras which are included with safety in mind. These include the galvanised steel frame, with curved legs for added flexibility and strength; responsive springs in varying numbers to provide different performance levels (more about this later!); high quality safety padding around the edges of the trampoline to protect users from injury; a high-spec jump mat made from tough polypropylene to ensure a longer life and higher performance; and a free safety enclosure featuring netting to further safeguard against accident or injury.

Choosing The Right Boing Trampoline

When choosing your Boing! trampoline, the number of springs attaching the jump mat to the frame will be an important factor. Small children or lighter users will find models with fewer springs more responsive than those with more, which may be too taut for them. Consequently, a smaller model such as the 8ft trampoline may be more suitable for young children but may deliver less ‘bounce’ for heavier users. However, as fewer springs create a less taut jump mat, heavier users would be better advised to consider the 10ft, 12 ft or 14ft models, all of which feature more springs and offer a ‘better bounce’.

Another indicator of Boing! quality is the fact that every spring is held in place by row upon row of thick stitching- a minimum of 10- which guarantee a long life for these products. Among the free extras offered by Trampoline Warehouse with your purchase are spring tensioning tools, a ladder and a waterproof cover. Purchasers will also receive a bonus in the form of a free bouncy hopper for the children.

Devon-based supplier Trampoline Warehouse stocks a wide range of trampolines in all shapes and sizes, and is sure to have something for everyone. Each trampoline in their range comes as part of a package, with a number of free extras included, together with free next day courier delivery and great service, so everythign you need is only a few clicks away. Boing! is one of the key ranges stocked by Trampoline Warehouse, comprising a number of attractive options.