How To Choose The Right Trampoline For You

trampoline bounce
trampoline bounce

Choosing The Right Trampoline

At first glance, choosing a trampoline sounds easy. But there are different things to consider before taking the plunge and spending your hard earned cash. First of all, it’s important to think of why you want to buy a trampoline. Who is it for? If it’s for getting fit you may want to think of investing in a professional and compact piece of sports equipment. Then of course there is your budget to take into account. What is in your price range?  If you have a big budget, you may wish to spend more to get a trampoline with the latest technology which may have more bounce and help you to possibly lose calories quicker. On the lower end of the price scale, you may just want a trampoline which allows you to jump around as much as you want and will hold all of your weight without breaking! The decision is down to you, but it’s important to bear these factors in mind.

If you have kids, they may be after a huge trampoline so they have lots of space to play around in and an 10ft trampoline should be enough. There are various sizes to choose from up to 12ft and 14ft respectively, with some frames which support up to 19 to 24 stone in weight. The larger sized frames are more suitable to acrobats and are for regular or prolonged use. So research the options in sizes and weights when buying with a purpose in mind, whether that be online or in store.

kanga 8ft trampoline

You may want a mid range trampoline which has some of the benefits of new technology but half the expense. There are now a good variety of mid-range trampolines which offer different support and sustainability features with more focus on the differences between strings which can allow for more bounce, or enhanced safety features. Some are also enabled to be compact to fit as neatly into your back garden without taking up too much space.

Getting A Safe Trampoline

Safety features can include mesh netting to prevent injuries from falling out of the trampoline and safety padding around jumping areas to stop people from hurting themselves. Other features to watch for are waterproof covers to ensure that your trampoline remains in good condition regardless of the weather. Waterproof mats and UV protectors are also part of the latest technology to ensure that trampolines remain strong and in good condition. Most good brands of trampoline come with these enhanced features, though you will most likely pay extra for certain features.

These are just some of the factors to think of when choosing a trampoline. There may be many more. The best way to come to a decision is to write down your requirements. Then comparing any trampolines against these will make choosing your very own trampoline an easier process, as you can weigh up the pros and cons of each item.  There are a great number of recognised and trusted brands in the trampoline industry and this website is a great  starting tool in the selection process to help find the right one for you from the likes of KangaAcrobat and Airtech.

How Good Are Mini Trampolines For Exercise?

trampoline bounce
trampoline bounce

Much has been made of the new social wave of dieting and exercise in order for us all to have healthy bodies and healthy minds. Some items, such as trampolines, have generally been seen as fun items with no major social benefit other than bringing a lot of enjoyment to many people. So, can trampolines be a force for good and help with your exercise regime?

Using a trampoline is very different from any other kind of exercise. Trampoline exercises are, by their very nature, not as structured as using a traditional exercise regime in a gym. The trampoline will exercise your heart in the same way that running and using a skipping rope will as it is a cardiovascular exercise routine. As a result, your energy consumption increases, as does your rate of fat burn and weight loss. Scientists say that trampolining is better exercise than running! Which would you rather do?

“In the present study, the values of heart rate and oxygen uptake ranged from resting to nearly maximal levels, regardless of the type of exercise.” (running vs trampolining)

Not only does the trampoline give the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, but it also helps strengthen the muscles in the lower half of your body, such as your legs, hips, thights, stomach and abdomen. Can you think of many other exercises which do all this and provide as much fun and enjoyment as half an hour on a trampoline?

airtech 8ft platinum trampoline

It’s not only physical exercise benefits that you get from trampolining, either. Trampoline jumping will help to improve your coordination and general spatial awareness. Being able to perform a jump and land properly whilst on a bouncing, moving object takes a lot of skill and practice and trampolining is perfect for building up these skills. For people with joint problems or knee injuries, you may wish to use a small, rebound trampoline. These aren’t designed for high jumping and provide greater support for the joints.

A good exercise routine for trying on your trampoline is to start off with a short warm-up consisting of allowing the natural spring of the trampoline to bounce you up and down. As you continue with this, lift your feet up as you jump, bring them towards your chest and back down when you land. Build up some height and rhythm before moving on to a ‘vertical spring disco’ – introducing some funky moves at that half-second you remain at the top of your jump, floating in the air before gravity takes over from momentum. Introduce a new move each time to keep your brain active, too. Once you’ve done this, try jogging on the spot whilst jumping for an excellent cardiovascular workout.

So, not only is trampolining an awful lot of fun, but you can also reap the benefits through exercise by using a trampoline. Follow our work-out plan as mentioned above and try some of your own routines to see how your trampoline could help you keep fit and lose weight all whilst having fun. Why not let us know which exercises you carry out on your trampoline? We’ll put all the best ones on the blog.

The Benefits Of Buying A Trampoline For Your Kids

trampoline bounce
trampoline bounce

A trampoline is the new ‘in thing’ for kids to have in their garden these days. Many parents dismiss it as just another childish fad, but perhaps we should look a little more closely at this one. After all, the benefits for both children and their parents are numerous.

For starters, a trampoline is fantastic for exercise and healthy living. We’re all worried about the growing levels of obesity in Britain and the fact that our children are nowhere near as active as they used to be (or we were!). Dietitians and scientists the world over have lauded trampolines for their healthy effects and fun exercise regimes that can be built around them.

Bouncing on a trampoline for five to eight minutes can burn off the same amount of calories as running a mile and is an awful lot more fun. If you want your children to be healthy, a trampoline is a fantastic option.

These days, there aren’t many things which will actually get children outdoors. With television, computer games and the internet ruling the lives of many children, a trampoline is a fantastic, fun item which all kids love. It will ensure they get outside in the fresh air and play as kids are supposed to, getting some great exercise at the same time. After all, if they’ve been exercising all day, they’ll sleep well at night! Trampolining is free, so you don’t need to worry about having to splash the cash in order to keep your children entertained at the weekends and through the school holidays.

With so many health benefits and the potential advantages in getting children outside and playing, a trampoline is the perfect item for any garden. They don’t need to take up much room, either. A trampoline can easily fit in the corner of any garden and most pack up flat when they’re not used, too. They’re relatively easy to assemble so you can easily take them down when you’re not using them and have your garden back just the way you want it. Many people still believe that trampolines are permanent fixtures which have to be dug into the ground and can’t be moved once they’re in, but this just isn’t true any more. Most trampolines are very portable and very quick to set up before use and take down after they’ve been used.

Buying a trampoline need not be expensive, either; especially not when you consider the enormous number of benefits to both your children’s mental and physical health and your own personal sanity. Not only that, but you’ll save a lot of money by not having to splash out on regular entertainment and new computer games for your children every five minutes! We may well be biased, but we’ve found that trampolines provide the perfect solution for a happy family life. After all, who’s to say that mum and dad can’t have a go, too? Go on. We won’t tell anyone!

Kids Outdoor Trampoline Camping Tents

Update 2018: the Kanga trampoline tents are no longer available, but we have found a trampoline tent supplier on Amazon.

kanga trampoline tent


Have you ever had your children want to go camping in the garden overnight? As a kid it was often something I’d think about, and so did my friends. The one problem we had was that setting up a tent was always a hassle (no matter what the instructions said!), and sleeping on the ground wasn’t much fun, even with a sleeping bag. Who wants to think about insects, bugs and worms crawling into the tent and joining them in their sleeping bag? Yuk.

Trampoline Tents

Well, if that kind of camping doesn’t suit you, how about camping on your trampoline? I know, it sounds crazy doesn’t it? But just think about it… the trampoline area is perfect for a camping tent, it’s just the right size. It’s also a level, springy surface to lie on, away from the uneven ground with lumps and rocks. Also, it’s away from the bugs, insects and creepy-crawlies. Finally, you can use a tent made specifically for your trampoline which stretches over the edges of the trampoline and secures to the frame.. so there’s no hard work like banging metal pegs into the ground and hoping the tent doesn’t blow away!

Some of the camping trampoline tents are very impressive like the one pictured which has two opening doors with zip fittings, four skylight windows with privacy curtains and a groundsheet to cover the trampoline mat! Click here for a list of trampoline tents.

Of course, even with the groundsheet, the trampoline will have a bouncy floor, which will add a fun element to camping outdoors in your garden. What a brilliant solution to that age-old desire to get out of the house and camp in the back garden while still having a huge amount of fun!

Kanga Trampoline Review

A manufacturer of top-quality trampolines is Kanga, who place great importance on the safety of their products. Whatever the size of the trampoline you’re looking for and the weight of the jumpers, Kanga will have the right unit to match your expectations and delight the whole family.

Kanga Range Of Trampolines

kanga 8ft trampoline

There are a total of four round trampolines available in each of the standard and Hi-Power ranges from Kanga at Trampoline Warehouse. With 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft trampolines available in each range, these trampolines are all great for users of different weights and ages, as they are all strong enough to bear weights of up to 19 stone. Kanga trampolines are all really reasonably priced at Trampoline Warehouse. The price of each individual package varies according to the size and characteristics of each trampoline, which depends on a number of features.   The standard range features fewer springs than the Hi-Power range, which affects the response of the trampoline to jumpers of different sizes. Fewer springs mean less effort is required to achieve a real ‘bounce’, meaning that the standard range is great for small children or lighter users.

kanga 14ft high power trampoline

Older or heavier users may instead prefer the Hi-Power models, which they will find offer a better response thanks to the greater number of springs used. As a rule, you can rely on the standard range for younger jumpers, but the Hi-Power range is ideal for older children or adults looking for a good balance between power and response.

Kanga trampolines are built to a very high specification, with durable polypropylene jumping areas which are resistant to UV damage and hold their shape impressively over long periods of time; safety padding around the jumping area to protect from accidental injury; high-strength springs which are held in place with heavy-duty stitching; and a tough yet lightweight and flexible steel frame.

Among the benefits of buying your Kanga trampoline from Trampoline Warehouse are the extras which they include free of charge, including a full warranty, next day delivery and ladder, spring adjusters and weatherproof cover. Kanga also manufacture a trampoline tents, which fix to each of their trampolines for added fun and games and is also available from Trampoline Warehouse.

With a huge stock of trampolines from a variety of manufacturers, Trampoline Warehouse is a trusted supplier of great quality equipment at affordable prices. From their Devon headquarters, they provide great customer service which includes in-depth product knowledge and free of charge next day courier delivery on all products. If you are looking for a good deal from a trusted retailer, you need look no further. Click here for their website!

For more information on the Kanga Trampoline range of trampolines, see our dedicated website at Kanga Trampolines

AirTech Trampolines Review

airtech 8ft platinum trampoline

This article reviews the range of Airtech Trampolines.

Which Different AirTech Trampolines Are Available?

AirTech offer a wide range of trampolines with products and accessories suitable for all the family. Choosing your Air Tech trampoline is simple. Firstly, Air Tech supply trampolines in four sizes (8ft, 10ft, 12ft or 14ft), allowing you to tailor your choice to suit your garden space. Click here for the full range of AirTech trampolines.

Each size is available in three grades (platinum, gold and silver) according to the flexibility or tautness of the jump mat, and the maximum weight which can be carried; this makes it easier to select the correct product for specific users.

Choosing Between The Silver, Gold And Platinum Options

Whatever AirTech trampoline size you prefer, you have the silver, gold and platinum options to choose from, which means the product you buy is the one best suited to your requirements. Put simply, the tension applied to the jump mat varies according to the number of springs used in the trampoline’s construction. Fewer springs create less tension, making a trampoline easier to use for lighter or younger users but too soft for heavier jumpers, who may enjoy the greater ‘bounce’ created by more springs.

Whether choosing an 8ft, 10ft, 12ft or 14ft trampoline from AirTech, you will still have a choice based on the number of springs. The silver and gold editions of each trampoline (8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft respectively) feature lightweight steel frames which will support a total weight of 19 stone. For heavier use, supporting up to 24 stone, you can also purchase a platinum version with toughened 2mm frame. As might be expected, each silver version is built with the fewest springs, and is therefore better suited to junior users.

airtech 14ft platinum trampoline

Platinum versions have the most springs, making them a great choice for older users; and gold provide an all-purpose model suited to a broad range of jumpers. There are many great features which you can expect to find on all AirTech trampoline products. With galvanised steel frames, all feature a permeable and weatherproof mat held in place with responsive springs, and enviable safety features in the form of a netted safety enclosure and padded protectors for thee dges of the trampoline. When purchasing your AirTech trampoline from Trampoline Warehouse, you will also receive a free ladder, protective cover and spring adjusting tool; PLUS a fantastic water slide as their free gift to you, offering hours of fun. Buy your AirTech trampoline from Trampoline Warehouse and rest assured that you are purchasing a quality product at a price you can afford. Click here for the full range of AirTech trampolines.

For more information on the AirTech Trampoline range of trampolines, see our dedicated website at AirTech Trampolines

Acrobat Trampoline Review

acrobat 8ft trampoline

The Acrobat range of trampolines includes varying sizes and specifications so you have a wide choice depending on your requirements. From an 8ft option, suitable for even the smallest areas (see picture, right), to an impressive 14ft model for the larger garden or kids’ party (see picture, below), Acrobat are sure to have a trampoline to suit your requirements. Click here to see the Trampoline Warehouse range of Acrobat trampolines.

All Acrobat trampolines are supplied with a variety of practical features which enhance the product’s safety and quality credentials.

Superior Trampoline Construction And Safety Features

Constructed using a galvanised steel frame which is surprisingly light, each trampoline offers real strength and flexibility. The frame’s curved design and T-bar structure offer better flexing under pressure and reduce the risks of weak spots developing whilst the trampoline is in use; the mat is permeable to minimise damage from the elements and prolong its life, and is attached using a number of precision springs to maximise performance.

The springs themselves are secured using at least 10 rows of industrial stitching, ensuring that each trampoline really is built to last. For the safety-conscious, each trampoline is supplied with a protective foam pad designed to shield the springs and the gaps around the mat; and, as Trampoline Warehouse never supplies products without the addition of a netted safety enclosure, you can purchase safe in the knowledge that users are further safeguarded against accidents.

Acrobat Trampoline Sizes And Models

acrobat 14ft trampoline plus

What you get for your money does, of course, vary according to the model purchased. Those with smaller gardens or younger children will find the 8ft or 10ft models ideal for their needs, especially given the reasonable pricing which is applied across the range; it is also worth noting that even these smallest Acrobat trampolines will support weights of up to 19 stone, but for those seeking larger or more heavy duty options there is a wealth of choice available. The 8ft and 14ft ‘Acrobat plus’ models are more heavy duty versions, which feature reinforced frames and will cope with a total weight of 24 stone for more regular or prolonged use. For the Acrobat trampolines from Trampoline Warehouse, click here

This range really does offer something for everyone and will provide hours of fun! Trampoline Warehouse offer a number of free extras with every purchase from the Acrobat range including a spring adjustment tool, ladder and trampoline socks; all products are also warranted against defective parts or workmanship. Your purchase is backed up by a secure online payment facility and free trackable courier delivery; with a next-day guarantee and reasonable pricing, all that’s left is to choose the size and get bouncing!

For more information on the Acrobat Trampoline range of trampolines, see our dedicated website at Acrobat Trampolines