Kanga Trampoline Review

A manufacturer of top-quality trampolines is Kanga, who place great importance on the safety of their products. Whatever the size of the trampoline you’re looking for and the weight of the jumpers, Kanga will have the right unit to match your expectations and delight the whole family.

Kanga Range Of Trampolines

kanga 8ft trampoline

There are a total of four round trampolines available in each of the standard and Hi-Power ranges from Kanga at Trampoline Warehouse. With 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft trampolines available in each range, these trampolines are all great for users of different weights and ages, as they are all strong enough to bear weights of up to 19 stone. Kanga trampolines are all really reasonably priced at Trampoline Warehouse. The price of each individual package varies according to the size and characteristics of each trampoline, which depends on a number of features.   The standard range features fewer springs than the Hi-Power range, which affects the response of the trampoline to jumpers of different sizes. Fewer springs mean less effort is required to achieve a real ‘bounce’, meaning that the standard range is great for small children or lighter users.

kanga 14ft high power trampoline

Older or heavier users may instead prefer the Hi-Power models, which they will find offer a better response thanks to the greater number of springs used. As a rule, you can rely on the standard range for younger jumpers, but the Hi-Power range is ideal for older children or adults looking for a good balance between power and response.

Kanga trampolines are built to a very high specification, with durable polypropylene jumping areas which are resistant to UV damage and hold their shape impressively over long periods of time; safety padding around the jumping area to protect from accidental injury; high-strength springs which are held in place with heavy-duty stitching; and a tough yet lightweight and flexible steel frame.

Among the benefits of buying your Kanga trampoline from Trampoline Warehouse are the extras which they include free of charge, including a full warranty, next day delivery and ladder, spring adjusters and weatherproof cover. Kanga also manufacture a trampoline tents, which fix to each of their trampolines for added fun and games and is also available from Trampoline Warehouse.

With a huge stock of trampolines from a variety of manufacturers, Trampoline Warehouse is a trusted supplier of great quality equipment at affordable prices. From their Devon headquarters, they provide great customer service which includes in-depth product knowledge and free of charge next day courier delivery on all products. If you are looking for a good deal from a trusted retailer, you need look no further. Click here for their website!

For more information on the Kanga Trampoline range of trampolines, see our dedicated website at Kanga Trampolines