Top 10 Trampoline Safety Rules

Here we’ve created a list of safety rules for trampolines because we want you to enjoy your trampoline and have huge amounts of fun while remaining safe!

Top 10 Trampoline Safety Rules

1: Attempting somersaults is very dangerous and can cause serious damage should you land on your head or neck including paralysis, injury or even death. Do not turn somersaults on a trampoline.

2: Having multiple people on a trampoline is asking for trouble. Even children have significant weight when bouncing, and two children colliding can cause serious injuries to arms, legs and other parts of the body. Only have one person on a trampoline at a time.

3: It’s wise to have an on-looker supervising any trampoline usage so that if something goes wrong, the supervisor can help, or get help. Adult supervision is almost always preferred.

4: Safety enclosures protect trampoline users from falling off and injuring themselves on the ground. Respected trampoline sellers only offer trampolines for sale with protective enclosures. Ensure the safety enclosure is properly set up before any trampoline use.

5: Inspect a trampoline (and its enclosure) for wear and tear before use. Any damage should be thoroughly checked and, if necessary, any damaged parts repaired or replaced before use of the trampoline. Keep your trampoline in perfect working order and check it before each use.

6: Learn how to stop on a trampoline (by flexing your knees to absorb the impact with the trampoline) before learning or attempting any other trampoline jumps.

7: Bouncing high on a trampoline is not a sign of skill. On the contrary, being able to control your bouncing is much more important. Practise landing in the centre of the trampoline before trying other skills. Don’t bounce high for the sake of it, especially if you’re inexperienced on a trampoline.

8: Prevent unauthorised access to the trampoline. Securely close it after use and remove the access ladder to a different location. Have a rule that no-one is to use the trampoline without supervision.

9: Never use the trampoline when its surface is wet as it will be slippery and accidents such as sprains and twists are much more likely.

10: Be knowledgeable about your trampoline. Know the instructions for usage and care of the trampoline.