Kids Outdoor Trampoline Camping Tents

Update 2018: the Kanga trampoline tents are no longer available, but we have found a trampoline tent supplier on Amazon.

kanga trampoline tent


Have you ever had your children want to go camping in the garden overnight? As a kid it was often something I’d think about, and so did my friends. The one problem we had was that setting up a tent was always a hassle (no matter what the instructions said!), and sleeping on the ground wasn’t much fun, even with a sleeping bag. Who wants to think about insects, bugs and worms crawling into the tent and joining them in their sleeping bag? Yuk.

Trampoline Tents

Well, if that kind of camping doesn’t suit you, how about camping on your trampoline? I know, it sounds crazy doesn’t it? But just think about it… the trampoline area is perfect for a camping tent, it’s just the right size. It’s also a level, springy surface to lie on, away from the uneven ground with lumps and rocks. Also, it’s away from the bugs, insects and creepy-crawlies. Finally, you can use a tent made specifically for your trampoline which stretches over the edges of the trampoline and secures to the frame.. so there’s no hard work like banging metal pegs into the ground and hoping the tent doesn’t blow away!

Some of the camping trampoline tents are very impressive like the one pictured which has two opening doors with zip fittings, four skylight windows with privacy curtains and a groundsheet to cover the trampoline mat! Click here for a list of trampoline tents.

Of course, even with the groundsheet, the trampoline will have a bouncy floor, which will add a fun element to camping outdoors in your garden. What a brilliant solution to that age-old desire to get out of the house and camp in the back garden while still having a huge amount of fun!