Acrobat Trampoline Review

acrobat 8ft trampoline

The Acrobat range of trampolines includes varying sizes and specifications so you have a wide choice depending on your requirements. From an 8ft option, suitable for even the smallest areas (see picture, right), to an impressive 14ft model for the larger garden or kids’ party (see picture, below), Acrobat are sure to have a trampoline to suit your requirements. Click here to see the Trampoline Warehouse range of Acrobat trampolines.

All Acrobat trampolines are supplied with a variety of practical features which enhance the product’s safety and quality credentials.

Superior Trampoline Construction And Safety Features

Constructed using a galvanised steel frame which is surprisingly light, each trampoline offers real strength and flexibility. The frame’s curved design and T-bar structure offer better flexing under pressure and reduce the risks of weak spots developing whilst the trampoline is in use; the mat is permeable to minimise damage from the elements and prolong its life, and is attached using a number of precision springs to maximise performance.

The springs themselves are secured using at least 10 rows of industrial stitching, ensuring that each trampoline really is built to last. For the safety-conscious, each trampoline is supplied with a protective foam pad designed to shield the springs and the gaps around the mat; and, as Trampoline Warehouse never supplies products without the addition of a netted safety enclosure, you can purchase safe in the knowledge that users are further safeguarded against accidents.

Acrobat Trampoline Sizes And Models

acrobat 14ft trampoline plus

What you get for your money does, of course, vary according to the model purchased. Those with smaller gardens or younger children will find the 8ft or 10ft models ideal for their needs, especially given the reasonable pricing which is applied across the range; it is also worth noting that even these smallest Acrobat trampolines will support weights of up to 19 stone, but for those seeking larger or more heavy duty options there is a wealth of choice available. The 8ft and 14ft ‘Acrobat plus’ models are more heavy duty versions, which feature reinforced frames and will cope with a total weight of 24 stone for more regular or prolonged use. For the Acrobat trampolines from Trampoline Warehouse, click here

This range really does offer something for everyone and will provide hours of fun! Trampoline Warehouse offer a number of free extras with every purchase from the Acrobat range including a spring adjustment tool, ladder and trampoline socks; all products are also warranted against defective parts or workmanship. Your purchase is backed up by a secure online payment facility and free trackable courier delivery; with a next-day guarantee and reasonable pricing, all that’s left is to choose the size and get bouncing!

For more information on the Acrobat Trampoline range of trampolines, see our dedicated website at Acrobat Trampolines